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February 22, 2024 – Construction work is underway! Construction has begun on the Faster Chowan broadband project. Before broadband service can be turned on to any customer, FOCUS Broadband must first set up the fiber distribution site which will be located on Sandy Ridge Road near White Oak Elementary School. The process to set up this distribution site should take approximately six to eight weeks. FOCUS Broadband must also build from this fiber distribution site back to Edenton where it will connect to FOCUS Broadband’s network. This will require mainline fiber to be built through several project phases. The first of these phases is underway near Edenton. The plan will be to connect the fiber distribution site to the network connection back to the FOCUS Broadband Network as quickly as possible. We anticipate this process taking three to four months. Our estimated timeline for making service available to our first customers in Chowan County will be Q2 of 2024.


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The map shown is for illustrative purposes. All FOCUS Broadband services may not be available at all addresses. Actual availability of services is not guaranteed and must be verified before an order may be placed. Availability of services at specific addresses may be impacted by a multitude of factors including our ability to obtain permission to construct on private property. Addresses which require construction of network facilities over 1,000 feet may necessitate the customer pay aid in construction charges.