Select your county from the dropdown menu on www.getfocusbroadband.com. Enter your address in the field located in the top right corner of the map to determine if your address will be included.
The first phase of each project includes completing the grant acceptance paperwork, doing environmental protection studies and designing the new fiber optic network, followed by construction. To follow our progress, including where construction is underway and areas where service has become available, view the map located on the page designated for your county.
The construction phase will be broken up into several small construction phases. Service will be made available as construction for each phase is completed. Please feel free to fill out the contact form on the page designated for your county and a representative will contact you as soon as service becomes available.
Visit www.getfocusbroadband.com and select your county from the dropdown menu. The map located on the page is updated in real time and shows areas where construction is underway, as well as when service becomes available.
We will restore or repair any damage that may occur during the construction process, including the replacement of sod. Any repairs caused by our construction will be made at our expense. If your yard has damage once crews have completed work, call 833-385-0301 or email /faqs. Be sure to include your name, address, contact number, and a detailed description of the damage. Please allow time (one to two weeks) for your yard to settle before reporting any damage.
No. In most cases fiber optic equipment is at ground level unlike other providers which have pedestals above ground.
After the construction process is complete and the fiber has been installed, technicians will begin the splicing and testing phases. This process usually takes a couple weeks. Once testing is complete, service will become available.
In some areas of Chowan and Perquimans counties, we have partnered with Albemarle Electric to utilize their utility poles by placing aerial fiber lines. This is instrumental in bringing broadband to more rural areas in these counties. Our aerial fiber delivers the same quality and speed as buried fiber optic lines.
Internet and telephone services will each need a dedicated Cat5-e cable. Many homes are already equipped with Cat5-e. One Cat5-e cable will be provided at no charge if your home needs it to accept our FOCUS service.
Yes, we have the ability, in most cases, to port your existing telephone number without an interruption of service.


During construction, FOCUS Broadband will be utilizing a combination of techniques to install the fiber optic lines. Please know that all work is being done within the approved utility easements. We respect everyone’s private property and will only construct within the legally defined utility easements. It is our intent to minimize our footprint while working in your area.

You will notice crews digging holes, placing pipe and installing ground level distribution points. Rest assured that FOCUS Broadband’s crews will replace, restore or repair any damages that occur during this process.

While the construction of our network may cause some inconveniences, we will move quickly to complete work in your area and are committed to addressing all construction complaint issues in a timely manner.

To report an issue pertaining to construction call 833-385-0301 or email /faqs.

For questions or concerns

regarding construction please call 833-385-0301, or email us at /faqs.