Columbus County

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Construction is underway near Cerro Gordo, Hallsboro, Bolton, Buckhead, and Tabor City. We have multiple crews working to make service available more quickly, but progress has been slowed by supply chain shortages with fiber optic cabling, labor shortages because of Covid-19, and difficulty getting other utility companies to locate their in-ground facilities in a timely fashion. Despite these factors, we are continuing to work toward having the entirety of the project completed by the end of 2022.

Tabor City – Construction is underway near Old Stake Rd. building south toward Tabor City. We have six phases to construct between Old Stake Road and Tabor City and each phase is estimated to take up to seven weeks to complete. As a phase is completed service will be made available. The first phase of these six phases is estimated to be available in early October.

Cerro Gordo - Service is already available for many residing within the Town of Cerro Gordo. Crews are currently working to complete construction between Cerro Gordo and Rough and Ready Road where service should be available as early as October. Work in areas north of Cerro Gordo will follow.

Hallsboro – This area is comprised of ten phases and service is available in the first three. We are currently constructing along Sam Potts Highway west of Lake Waccamaw toward Hallsboro. Service is estimated to be available in these phases by November. Additional phases near Honey Hill Rd., Red Bug Rd. and Dupree Landing Rd should have construction begin before the end of the year.

Buckhead – This area has six total phases. Three phases are under construction currently and a fourth is already complete. All six phases should be complete by December. Service will be available in the completed the phases by November.

St. James, Farmers Union, Old Lumberton Highway, Boardman, Carolina Rd, Sandyfield – Our engineering team is working to design and obtain permits for the network that will be used to serve these areas. During this time, you may see crews staking and surveying the area. We will begin construction in these areas as crews complete work near Tabor City, Cerro Gordo, Hallsboro and Buckhead. We anticipate having service available in these areas by the end of 2022 and before.


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