Pender County

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ATMC was approved to begin using grant funds on the Pender County project in April of this year. Since that time, we have been busy securing land for distribution equipment, applying for necessary environmental permits, and getting approvals from various governmental agencies. These processes take time and had to be completed before engineering design work could begin.

We are pleased to have received the necessary environmental permits and we are moving forward with a final network design plan. We will begin work building our network along highway 11 from Columbus County to western Pender County in September. We must also bore under the Cape Fear River and Black River to reach Pender County. In the coming weeks you will see engineering crews, including contractors for ATMC, in many areas doing site surveys in preparation for construction of ATMC’s network which we anticipate starting during the 4th quarter.


  ReConnect Grant (Coming 2021-2022)

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