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May 17, 2023- Service is available in areas near Still Bluff, Canetuck, and Atkinson. Additional areas in Canetuck along Heading Bluff Road and Canetuck Road will be service available soon. We anticipate bringing several phases online throughout the spring. Work is also on-going in the eastern part of the project near Holly Shelter. Several phases have been built and should be ready to have service available soon. We are grateful to Four County EMC for allowing us to use a portion of their fiber optic network to cross the Cape Fear River. This has allowed us to connect service to Pender County more quickly.

Additional areas near Penderlea, Watha, Stag Park, Rocky Point and Willard will also be built using a grant awarded to FOCUS Broadband in 2022. Several phases have been issued permits and we hope to begin construction soon. These phases will be built in conjunction with existing phases on the larger USDA ReConnect grant. For more information, please see the map below.

Construction is underway on our new local office in Burgaw across from Four County EMC. We anticipate the opening of this location in the early fall.


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The map shown is for illustrative purposes. All FOCUS Broadband services may not be available at all addresses. Actual availability of services is not guaranteed and must be verified before an order may be placed. Availability of services at specific addresses may be impacted by a multitude of factors including our ability to obtain permission to construct on private property. Addresses which require construction of network facilities over 1,000 feet may necessitate the customer pay aid in construction charges.

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